Dave Dawson, a full-time professional musician who has spent 30 years touring across the country, has recently published his fifth novel about his experiences on the road as part of the Never Ending UK Tour.

Dawson, also known under the pseudonym Dave Philpott, wrote the book to give readers an insight into the live music circuit from the perspective of musicians.

Titled 'Pop Idle', the novel discusses Dawson's journey as a solo musician, performing in a wide range of settings from pubs, clubs, hotels, and theatres to gardens, hen parties and care homes.

With the microphone stand and an ad-lib as his only protections, Dawson shares his encounters with fans, characters of all sorts, and the general public.

Drawing on his first-hand experiences, Dawson's accounts include both light-hearted and cautionary tales, giving the reader an inside look into the music industry.

The book is intended for anyone interested in the pleasures and difficulties awaiting those who are passionate enough to want to break into this industry at the grassroots level.

Under the pen name Dave Philpott, Dawson is already known for his cult comedy bestsellers ‘Dear Mr.

Kershaw’, ‘Dear Mr Pop Star’, ‘Grammar Free In The UK’ and ‘Dear Catherine Wheel’.