A PRIMARY school with a "strong sense of community" has been recognised for its "relentless drive" to improve.

Ofsted inspectors graded Stratford-sub-Castle CofE Primary School as consistently 'good' across the board following a routine visit in March.

The report, published on Friday, April 26, highlighted the enjoyment pupils have at school, how the overhauled curriculum identifies key knowledge and staff have high expectations.

Since appointing Justine Watkins as headteacher in May 2023, the school "has been relentless in its drive to make the necessary improvements since the last inspection".

The inspectors said Mrs Watkins has brought "clarity and focus" and ensured the school is determined that pupils will receive an "ambitious and high-quality education".

Salisbury Journal: Stratford-sub-Castle remains a 'good' school.Stratford-sub-Castle remains a 'good' school. (Image: Justine Watkins)

Developing children's reading skill is of "highest priority" and begins in Reception Year when they are taught to recognise letters and sounds to give them a "secure start".

Teachers conduct ‘Keep up, catch up’ sessions in mathematics and daily one-to-one interventions in phonics to address pupils’ gaps.

However, the school's use of assessment is at an earlier stage of development in other subjects. As a result, pupils’ knowledge does not build sequentially.

"The school needs to ensure assessment is effective to inform curriculum design so that pupils develop a secure understanding of all subjects they learn," the inspector noted.

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Pupils have positive attitudes to learning, are polite and kind to one another and are keen to contribute their ideas in class discussions.

The report noted the "strong sense of community" at the school, pupils say that everyone is welcome and staff are proud to be part of its community.

"Parents are unwaveringly positive. They value the ‘warm welcome’ they all receive," added the inspector.

Salisbury Journal: Stratford-sub-Castle Primary School.Stratford-sub-Castle Primary School. (Image: Google Maps)

A wide range of different clubs, including STEM, books and multi-sport, are offered to nurture pupil's interests and talents.

A proud Mrs Watkins said: "The report was an honest assessment of what our school provides for our children everyday. We have high expectations and ambition for all through our curriculum. 

"I am very proud that our strong school ethos has been recognised, along with the hard work by staff and governors since the last inspection.

"We are very lucky to have a dedicated and talented team of teachers and teaching assistants who ensure all children thrive at Stratford."

Mrs Watkins was also pleased that the support from parents was recognised, she added: "Working together as a team makes a big difference to our children. I am happy to say 100 per cent of parents would recommend our school to others."