A PUB landlord from Salisbury is the star of the show in an upcoming episode of the Channel 5 series The Hotel Inspector.

At just 26 years old, Reece Brown runs both the Royal George and the Anchor and Hope pubs in Salisbury.

Mr Bown, alongside partner Mikey Beckingham, 37, were joined by presenter and celebrated hotelier Alex Polizzi between September and November last year as they filmed the popular documentary show inside the two premises.

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"It all went really quick," Reece said, "They phoned me last year and it all just went from there.

"I said some really stupid things on the mic and there was a lot of nervous laughter at first, so I want to apologise if they include that. I promise I'm not stupid, I was just nervous."

Mikey added: "It was quite overwhelming at first, it wasn't something we'd done before but from there we got used to it. Reece was the star of the show and I'm more in the background, you probably won't see me much."

Salisbury Journal: Reece, Alex and MikeyReece, Alex and Mikey (Image: The Hotel Inspector)

Reece has been at the helm of the Royal George for four years, while his acquisition of the Anchor and Hope was more recent, having taken over in July 2023.

"They looked at the Royal George and they couldn't change much, so most of the attention was on the Anchor and Hope," Mikey added.

The main theme of the show is how Alex Polizzi can improve businesses to make them more attractive to customers. This usually involves her pointing out areas that could do with a refurb or a new lick of paint.

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Mikey told the Journal how one of her suggestions didn't go down too well with the couple: "We had a geometric ceiling, painted in lots of different colours which Reece was in love with. Alex took one look at it and said 'That offends my eyes, it needs repainting'.

"Because of our background in circus, we have some stilts, so I was up on stilts repainting the ceiling."

"It broke my heart," Reece added. "I might put it back one day."

Although disappointed by this one suggestion, Reece wasn't opposed to Alex's other recommendations: "The rest of her ideas I absolutely loved. She helped me to realise some ideas I'd had before, like putting teacups on the walls."

Reece is a circus performer, specialising in aerial hoops, and also teaches circus arts. Because of this, the production team took him and Mikey to London to experience a circus themed pub and also allowed Reece to put on a performance in Salisbury, dressing up staff members as showgirls while Reece led them dressed as a ringmaster.

Reece said: "It was quite funny having everyone dressed up and walking through the city. The Anchor is based around the theme of circus so I guess it added something different for the camera.

Inspired by Alex's teachings, Reece has recently launched a new app for the Anchor and Hope called 'Anchor App', which will allow pubgoers to keep up to date with upcoming events and even allow them to earn points with each purchase, much like a loyalty card.

The episode, entitled 'The Royal George', will air on Channel 5 at 9pm on Thursday, April 25.