The Salisbury Giant, town crier, knights and officials gathered on the Guildhall Square for St George's Day.

The Sunday, April 28 event began with the town crier announcing the start of the celebrations on the Guildhall steps at 9.55am, before the beginning of the procession.  

Salisbury Journal: Salisbury City Council hosted its Saint George's Day celebration on Sunday, April 28, which

There were three showings of Mr Brown’s Pig Puppet Show, three performances from the Morris Dancers in the style of the Cotswold Morris, and two showings from knights from medieval times who displayed their impressive fighting skills in the Main Arena.

At 12pm there was also a free guided tour by the Salisbury St. George Blue Badge, where people could find out facts about St. George hidden in Salisbury.

Young people were also given the chance to dress up and learn how to be the perfect knights for St. George’s Day.

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