Year 2 pupils at Forres Sandle Manor captured top honours at the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation Global Canvas – Children’s Wildlife Art Competition.

Their artwork, illustrating endangered "red list" species, bested over 4,000 submissions from schools around the world.

Building on their third-place finish last year, the pupils this time scored first place, with a school from Pakistan finishing second. The pupil's unique art won over the judges, demonstrating a solid understanding and commitment to biodiversity and the conservation of at-risk species.

The school says the award is a testament to the children’s creativity, dedication, and environmental consciousness.

Mrs. Dixon-Clarke, class teacher and head of art, expressed her delight by saying: "I am overjoyed at this win. The children put in tremendous effort and effectively highlighted the critical importance of the red list.

"Their work poignantly illustrates how the loss of these species impacts many other forms of life. Well done to everyone involved!"