PLANS have been clarified for ‘outdoor film screenings’ at a country park in Ashley Heath.

Forestry England said its application to host outdoor film screenings at Moors Valley Country Park is to allow for ‘additional elements’ to be incorporated in its family-themed events.

One event is currently being explored for this year – an illuminated walking trail in the autumn or winter to allow visitors to follow a dedicated forest trail at dusk.

As reported, Forestry England submitted a premises licence application to Dorset Council to request the provision of regulated entertainment, covering films, recorded music, and on-sales of alcohol at Moors Valley.

The application specifically sought permission for a programme of outdoor film screenings to be “held throughout the year”, expect for Christmas Day.

These events would be ticketed and would not exceed a capacity of 4,999 people, Forestry England said.

Clarifying the plans, a spokesperson for Forestry England said: “Over the last few years, Moors Valley Country Park and Forest has hosted several outdoor events and exhibitions linked to our natural setting and environment.

“These have included outdoor photography exhibitions, hosting art festivals, and an earth themed light exhibition hosted over several summer evenings.

“These are a great way for people to spend time in, and connect with, nature and have been very positively received.

“We would like to continue running suitable family themed events in the future and have applied for licencing to allow us to include some additional elements and ensure these are responsibly managed and regulated.”

Detailing the proposed illuminated walking trail, Forestry England said it would be a ticket-controlled event running from late afternoon until mid-evening, and would run for consecutive evenings for a 'limited period of time'.

Forestry England’s spokesperson told the Daily Echo: “Our events are very much focussed on the whole family. With this in mind aspects such as the theme of events, music, and catering would be carefully chosen and appropriate to this audience.”

Dorset Council is yet to make a decision on the premises licence application for Moors Valley Country Park.