The early May bank holiday is quickly approaching and many of us will be heading out onto the roads. 

Whether you're planning a weekend away, or nipping down to the coast for a day out, you'll be eying up the pumps for the best price. 

Unfortunately, the holiday comes as fuel prices slowly creep up again. 

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Average petrol prices are exceeding 150p per litre for the first time since November last year, new figures show.

Data collated by website Fuel Prices Online shows typical pump prices reached 150.1p per litre last week.

To help you find the best deal this bank holiday, we have used data from, to compile a list of the cheapest petrol stations in Salisbury. All information is accurate at the time of writing.


  1. BP, Amesbury Road: 146.9p
  2. Tesco Salisbury: 147.9p 
  3. Texaco, Wilton Road: 148.9p 
  4. Esso, Southampton Road: 149.7p
  5. Shell, Churchill Way West: 149.9p 
  6. BP, Downton Road: 149.9p 
  7. Shell, Wilton Road: 149.9p 
  8. BP, London Road: 149.9p 


  1. Tesco Salisbury: 156.9p
  2. Texaco, Wilton Road: 156.9p
  3. BP Amesbury Road: 156.9p 
  4. Esso, Southampton Road: 158.7p 
  5. Shell, Churchill Way West: 159.9p 
  6. BP, Downton Road: 159.9p 
  7. Shell, Wilton Road: 159.9p 
  8. BP, London Road: 159.9p