BIKERS gathered at a newly-rebranded restaurant for a weekly event to show off their rides.

Hangar 3, which replaced the Skies Cafe and opened in February, hosts weekly bike nights to give bikers a chance to socialise, enjoy a coffee or snack and meet like-minded enthusiasts.

Starting at 6pm every Monday, the event began on Easter Monday and has been a roaring success according to breakfast chef Kerry Dixon.

The 44-year-old had connections in the biker community and seized the opportunity to offer something in Salisbury after Poole and Southampton bike nights were closed down.

Salisbury Journal: Kerry Dixon with head chef Alex Moldoveanu outside Hangar 3.Kerry Dixon with head chef Alex Moldoveanu outside Hangar 3. (Image: Newsquest)

She said: "Bikers from that area needed somewhere to go. They love a coffee with a good view."

Bike night has helped put the restaurant on the map with some weeks seeing more than 150 bikers arrive, including members of the Red Devils and Wiltshire Bikers.

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Vince Prevett, owner of VP Motorcycles, came to show off his Suzuki X5200 and other relics. He said: "It's the first time I have pulled them out this year."

The 58-year-old, from Winterslow, attends bike nights at the Crown Inn, at King's Somborne, each Wednesday.

He also attended the Kickback Custom show at Thruxton last summer where his bike was runner-up which he was "well chuffed" with.

Salisbury Journal: Vince Prevett brought a few of his prized possessions.Vince Prevett brought a few of his prized possessions. (Image: Newsquest)

Vince said he has a beneficial relationship with the restaurant in that he recommends his customers to visit while he services their bikes and he generates custom from the bike nights.

"It's good for us and it brings people into the area," he added.

Burgers, hot dogs and pizza are served through a hatch attached to Hangar 3's kitchen for added convenience.

Alan Mercer, 72, rolled up on a Harley Davidson Dyna Low Rider 100th Anniversary with his neighbour whom he has been biking with for 40 years.

Salisbury Journal: Alan Mercer, 72, attended the bike night for the first time on April 29.Alan Mercer, 72, attended the bike night for the first time on April 29. (Image: Newsquest)

Despite it being Alan's first time at Hangar 3, he said: "I think this will be an excellent venue when the sun's up. It's ideal for a bike night because in the right location.

"It's what the bikers want. They can park their bikes up, grab a coffee and have a chinwag. There are a lot of bikers out there who are keen on getting together."

Bike nights at Hangar 3 are weather-dependant and updates can be found on the restaurant's social media page.