I have lived in my beautiful city of Salisbury for over 70 years, and have seen it through good times and bad, however, never have I been so shocked nor ashamed at the way in which a cornerstone of our society has been treated, as with our current mayor Atiqul Hoque.

He has just disappeared without explanation and been denied the right of even handing over the mayoral chain. He deserves so much better than this.

This hardworking caring man has worked tirelessly for his community for ten years, and reached the well deserved position as mayor of Salisbury.

Salisbury Journal: Councillor Atiqul Hoque

He is respected in the community and known for his hands on approach and warm amenable personality. He has been elected and re elected by the community.

I am therefore unable to to understand why he has been so mercilessly and thoughtlessly dismissed by councillors with far less popularity and experience as himself.

Elected by the majority and dismissed by the minority! This is not democracy as I know it!

When the inexperienced council  decided to deny the public and celebrations for the platinum jubilee and to plant trees instead, (most of which died as there was no funding in place to water them), it was Atiqul who arranged a celebration for the community in the square.

This was a day for the people and their families to remember and commemorate our queens historic event.

I have attended meetings that were being so badly chaired that they were in danger of falling apart, but Atiqul with his calm experience came to the rescue.

Although he is not even my Councillor he is someone I know I can trust and turn to for advice on city matters. If he doesn’t know he is happy to guide or find out more.

This is why it is important that the people of Salisbury know why this honourable gentleman has been treated so badly by the city council, he is innocent until proven guilty, he has been robbed of a job he has earned, and we deserve explanations.

Pamela Mattocks

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