As is usual with PCC elections, no direct effort was made to secure my vote.

There was no "on the doorstep," as so many politicians are fond of claiming, or anything like it. 

One candidate's flyer came through the letter-box - so some credit there. However, one would have needed to be a Journal reader to learn that an Independent was standing again, and to study the manifesto of another candidate. 

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Salisbury Journal: Philip WilkinsonPhilip Wilkinson (Image: John Rose)

And I can only speak for myself, but I came across absolutely nothing, of any kind, on behalf of the Conservative, who was nonetheless re-elected (although, if Mr Scott-Jupp's letter is anything to go by, on a very low turnout.)

Was this simply assumed to be the equivalent of a safe seat, even at a time when there are few enough of these left? 

I am reminded of Anthony Trollope's Plantagenet Palliser, who observed, almost off-hand, "Yes, I am returned," as though no alternative could have been expected "in his own family borough." 

Richard Merwood

Wain-a-Long Road, Salisbury

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