A FORDINGBRIDGE author has penned a character-driven fantasy tale, slated for release on May 28, 2024.

JJ Vason's debut novel, Siduri, explores a young woman's struggle with destiny in a thrilling yet macabre setting.

The narrative is steeped in themes inspired by ancient Sumerian mythology, though it unfolds within a contemporary context that mirrors the south-west of England.

The plot follows Siduri who, after her mother's demise, sets out in search of her missing father, a journey that uncovers her ancient, endangered lineage.

Joining her are an enigmatic spirit, her ex-lover and a ghost boy, while adversaries lurk around every corner.

Blending elements of familial secrets and the blurred boundaries between life and death, Siduri promises to hold readers captive.

On publication, Vason is keen to hold promotional activities around Hampshire. Born and educated in Edinburgh, Vason now resides in England's New Forest with his partner.

Vason explained: "Siduri is the novel I’ve always wanted to write. While set in a different world, the coast and moors of Cornwall inspire its landscape. Although contemporary, its themes echo those of Gilgamesh, an epic scratched onto tablets millennia ago. The novel asks the same questions. Can we defy fate? Should we even try?"