I was recently delighted to bump into an old acquaintance whilst having a drink in the Haunch of Venison pub.

Jon Burton, the lead singer with local 1960s band ‘Just Us’, keenly thrust a CD into my hand and related that this latest album, ‘Just Us Soul Band – Ride The Soul Train’, was their first album of completely original songs, and also the first album they have put out on Spotify and social media. Having now played the record a few times I have to report that the sound of ‘Just Us Soul Band’ is alive and kicking! I actually had the pleasure of booking the band for a charity event in 2011 and this led to their first album ‘Just Us Live at the Chapel’ – an album of Soul covers.

During the 1960s, ‘Just Us’ had a huge following. Attired in their silk shirts, white belts and blue hipsters, they had a sound that had never really been heard in Salisbury before – Wilson Picket and Otis Redding. To play Soul well you needed three things, the voice at the front, good musicians and the brass – Just Us had all of these attributes! The band comprised of Jon Burton (vocals); Colin Mitchener (saxophone); Bill Sellars (saxophone); Tad Holmes (guitar and vocals); Laurie Hamlyn (bass) and Howard Bassett (drums and vocals).

With the lead vocals of Jon Burton, and the brass arrangements ably handled by Colin Mitchener, the band played many private and local gigs alongside the likes of The Move, The Cream and The Love Affair. The band were very active playing the famous Marquee Club in London, Manchester, Lincoln, Birmingham, Bristol Colston Hall and even the very exclusive Savoy Hotel in London - to help collect funds for the British Olympic skiing team!

The new album is £10 and available from Colin Mitchener on 07874 698712