THESE planning applications were submitted to Wiltshire Council for the week ending May 19.


PL/2024/04178 - Householder Application. Address: Downlands, Tidworth Road, Boscombe, Salisbury, SP4 0AE. Proposal: Construct new access and driveway.

Barford St. Martin

PL/2024/04285 - Householder Application. Address: The Apple House, Mount Lane, Barford St Martin, Wilts, SP3 4AG. Proposal: Proposed single storey extension to provide additional living accommodation.


PL/2024/04186 - Householder Application. Address: Holly House, Cow Drove, Chilmark, Salisbury, SP3 5AJ. Proposal: Alteration and extension of a two-storey, detached dwelling house.

Clarendon Park

PL/2024/04143 - Full Planning Permission. Address: Pipers Loft, Pipers Farm, Clarendon Park, Salisbury. Proposal: Conversion of upper parts of agricultural storage building to a one bedroom flat for farm worker (resubmission of PL/2023/10771).

Donhead St. Andrew

PL/2024/04344 - Householder Application. Address: Pembroke House, Barkers Hill, Donhead St Andrew, Shaftesbury, SP7 9EB. Proposal: Replacement of existing timber framed glazed doors at ground floor level to rear West Elevation; Blocking in of two casement windows at ground floor level to rear West Elevation; Applying timber weather boarding to match existing existing to gables of rear West Elevation; The replacement and reduction of timber framed glazing and doors at first floor level to form three timber casements, to match existing, to the rear West Elevation.

Sedgehill and Semley

PL/2024/04233 - Householder Application. Address: Field House, Barkers Hill, Semley, Shaftesbury, SP7 9BH. Proposal: Demolition of existing bay window arrangement and replacement with a new single storey extension.


PL/2024/04521 - Works to a Listed Building and PL/2024/04169 - Full Planning Permission. Address: The Kings, 9 High Street, Downton, Salisbury, Wilts, SP5 3PG. Proposal: Proposed rebuild of damaged boundary wall.

Fittleton cum Haxton

PL/2024/04292 - Works to a Listed Building and PL/2024/03985 - Householder Application. Address: Fittleton House, Fittleton, Salisbury, SP4 9QA. Proposal: Kitchen Extension, Carport, Porch Alterations, Boundary Wall Alterations, Internal Alterations and New Dormer Window.


PL/2024/04272 - Householder Application. Address: Elm Farm, Southampton Road, Landford, Salisbury, SP5 2BE. Proposal: Replace existing dilapidated barn with new building with accommodation for granny annexe.


PL/2024/04200 - Householder Application. Address: 14 Clover Gardens, Ludgershall, Andover, SP11 9TD. Proposal: Proposed single storey rear lounge extension.


PL/2024/04320 - Full Planning Permission. Address: St Peters C Of E Primary Academy, Xanten Way, Salisbury, SP2 9FL.

Proposal: Alteration of the existing parking area at St Peters CE Primary Academy, Xanten Way, Salisbury, SP2 9FL.

PL/2024/04305 - Advertisement Consent. Address: The Salisbury Arms, Endless Street, Salisbury, SP1 1DP. Proposal: Erection of illuminated and non-illuminated signs to the exterior of the building.

PL/2024/04269 - Advertisement Consent. Address: 57 Wilton Road, Salisbury, SP2 7ER. Proposal: Conversion of poster advertisement display to support digital poster.

PL/2024/04171 - Householder Application. Address: 7 Devizes Road, Salisbury, SP2 7AA. Proposal: Ground Floor Kitchen and First Floor Bedroom Extensions.

PL/2024/04137 - Works to a Listed Building. Address: Milford Hall Hotel, Castle Street, Salisbury, SP1 3TE. Proposal: Replacement advertisements to comprise a sign over the entrance lobby, two signs on the front boundary wall (one either side of the access) and a sign on the side elevation of the spa building.

PL/2024/04136 - Advertisement Consent. Address: Milford Hall Hotel, Castle Street, Salisbury, SP1 3TE.

Proposal: Replacement hotel signage to comprise two fascia signs, two signs affixed to the front wall (one each side of the site entrance) and a replacement flagpole sign.

PL/2024/03729 - Full Planning Permission. Address: Alabare House, 15 Tollgate Road, Salisbury, SP1 2JA. Proposal: First Floor Extension to Form Additional Bedroom.

PL/2024/03583 - Works to a Listed Building. Address: Salisbury Delivery Office, Po Box 22, Fisherton Street, Salisbury, SP1 1DB. Proposal: Replacement of lighting to new LED energy efficient lighting in the front and back of house areas.

PL/2024/02749 - Works to a Listed Building and PL/2024/02426 - Full Planning Permission. Address: 55 Silver Street, Salisbury, SP1 2NG. Proposal: Internal alterations to modern commercial layout, removal and replacement of staircases. Kitchen ducting and flue to first floor roof.

PL/2024/02284 - Works to a Listed Building. Address: Wilderness Cottage, Shady Bower, Salisbury, SP1 2RE. Proposal: Replace three bay windows and three casement windows previously installed without the required consent.


PL/2024/04156 - Householder Application. Address: Solma Ri, Furlong Way, Shrewton, Salisbury, SP3 4DY. Proposal: Construct first floor bedroom and en suite over existing garage, and carry out internal alterations.


PL/2024/03921 - Householder Application. Address: Rook House, Common Road, Whiteparish, Salisbury, SP5 2SU. Proposal: Proposed two storey rear infill extension, proposed raised ridge to lower side element with addition of dormer window, proposed front porch, prosed new external finishes, proposed replacement fenestration, proposed garage.


PL/2024/02555 - Full Planning Permission. Address: Diocesan Education Centre, The Avenue, Wilton, Salisbury, Wilts, SP2 0FG. Proposal: Removal of lean-to roof and erection of single storey storage room.


PL/2024/04219 - Householder Application. Address: 14 Sherfield, Winterbourne Dauntsey, Salisbury, SP4 6HF. Proposal: New raised deck area, and removal of bedroom window and installation of window and doors.