Please, Salisbury District Hospital, if you want us to pay for parking, please enable us to do so!

Out of order payment machines are causing distress.  The Maternity Unit parking meter was out of order on 27th April and the app was "unavailable".  It has been the same for each subsequent visit up until our last visit on 10th May. I have received one Parking Charge Fine, for 8.16pm in the dark and pouring rain, when I was apparently supposed to find another working machine, accompanied by a patient in considerable discomfort.  It seems I will be receiving others.

This is not a reflection of an efficient system, put in place to provide funds for our wonderful hospital.

I would prefer not to pay these fines.  If I am honest I would rather send the money direct to the Stars Appeal, not to the company who, it seems, are providing a service for which our hospital pays, but which is neither fit for purpose nor adequately maintained.

Yours sincerely

Jennifer Colborne

St George's Cottages,


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