Dogstival, dubbed the “Best Pet Day Out in the UK”, will be held in Burley on the first weekend in June.

More than 10,000 pooches of all shapes, sizes, ages and breeds are expected to gather in the small village on Saturday, June 1 and Sunday, June 2, descending on Burley Park.

Activity for dogs will include flyball, agility, a Scurry Village, Barkour, scent work, diving and splash pools.

The 'Dogfuriendly Muddy Paws Tavern' pub for dogs will be serving dog beers as the canines cool off, while the humans play dog bingo and the “Big Pup Quiz”.

Meanwhile, the pop-up cafe, the Pop and Bark Bar, will be serving 'puppuccinos'.

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Salisbury Journal: Dogstival 2024 will be held at Burley Park on the first weekend in June.Dogstival 2024 will be held at Burley Park on the first weekend in June. (Image: Dogstival)

Breed-specific meet-ups will also take place at the Dogfuriendly Muddy Paws Tavern, giving festival-goers the opportunity to see seas of pugs, labradors, sausage dogs and other breeds.

Agile dogs and those with strong noses will be able to show off their skills in the Naturo Main Arena, with tricks, games and scent work and agility from working dogs from the police and search and rescue.

Dogstival is also aiming to reduce its CO2 emissions, with a mix of solar and wind energy charged battery packs being used to power the event, along with backup generators which operate off of biofuel.