A RESIDENT has built a blockbuster-themed DVD library so nostalgic you will feel like you're back in the 90s.

Peter Goddard, 39, from Alderholt, has built a blockbuster-themed DVD library outside his property in Broomfield Drive to revive 1990s nostalgia while offering a range of movies for families to watch. 

A movie fanatic, Peter expressed a longing for physical media and said the art of choosing a DVD has been lost in the current streaming landscape and hopes anyone who wants to can relive the experience through his library. 

Salisbury Journal: Peter has made a Blockbuster-theme DVD library to create 90s nostalgia.

He said: "I remember going down the video and DVD shop and browsing through the aisles and getting the film choice for the weekend. All these places went under and I went down and bought as many DVDs as I could get. 

"This is my collection over the years, I've got thousands of DVDs. I keep going to charity shops and buying films to realise when I get home I've already got that film, I must have at least five copies of Heat at this point."

Peter was inspired to create the box after his neighbour made a book library outside their property. 

With DVDs to spare and no direct yes or no from his partner, he got to work and said since he has finished, it has received attention from several people. 

He said: "With rented films, you're more committed to it. You go home, start watching it and if you don't like it, you have to keep watching because you rented it.

"With Netflix, you can start watching and within the first five minutes, if you don't like it, you change to another one. It's a lot easier to be fickle.

"It seems to be getting some attention - three of four people came down and left a bag of DVDs to put in there yesterday when I was at work.

"I think the main audience for me was older people who may not have streaming services or younger kids who know nothing about video shops so come down, get a bag of popcorn to go with it and have an experience of physically leaving the house to get a film to watch for the evening."