A Walk for Wards participant says she will be “forever grateful” to the Salisbury Hospital staff who saved her husband’s life.

Jade and Matt Hawkins have joined the Stars Appeal’s flagship fundraising event on Sunday, July 7 to say thank you to Radnor Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Last November, Matt, aged just 32, was admitted on to Radnor ICU with severe bronchitis.

Jade, aged 33, said: “When Matt was admitted to Intensive Care, it was the scariest feeling in the world, all I could think was "how am I going to tell the kids?", who were six and two at the time. We've been together since we were 19, to lose him would have been devastating.”

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Salisbury Journal: Matt and Jade Hawkins with their family

Matt’s condition then began to improve. He spent two weeks being cared for on Radnor ICU.

“I will be forever grateful to Radnor Ward for saving my husband's life. The love and support from the staff was wonderful. They were incredibly kind to Matt, supporting him through all his anxieties and holding his hand through the nights,” adds Jade, who says Matt is doing well.

Matt said: “To all at Radnor ICU, thank you for saving my life. I will always appreciate the care you gave me. Every single person working in that ward was kind and supportive. You are all a credit to the NHS." 

While in hospital Jade was able to stay in touch with her family using the Stars Appeal free Wi-Fi. Stars Appeal funded Hospital Chaplains were also on hand to offer support.

Jade said: “The Wi-Fi was so beneficial. We have a big family, so just being able to message and update them about Matt's condition was a huge help. We had a lovely chat with the chaplain who offered us support if we needed it.”

Salisbury Journal: Matt and Jade Hawkins

In 2015, Radnor ICU was enhanced thanks to the Stars Appeal with a £300,000 refurbishment with furnishings, décor and artwork. More recently the charity has added a dedicated bathroom which helps patients with their rehabilitation, independence and recovery.

Donations also enable the Stars Appeal to provide advanced treatment and rehabilitation equipment.

This is the first time Jade and Matt, who are from Tidworth, have taken part in Walk for Wards. They will be doing the 10k route around the Wilton House Estate.

“I know first-hand how valuable the support is from the hospital and the Stars Appeal. To be able to help other families in that terrifying situation is such an incredible feeling,” continues Jade.

“This hospital has fixed my son's broken arm, helped me give birth to my daughter during Covid and saved my husband's life. All I can say is thank you!”

It is free to register for Walk for Wards. There are three routes – a 3k, 5k and 10k.

Participants are asked to raise a minimum of £20 each.