CAFES, pubs, restaurants and takeaways across Salisbury have been handed new food hygiene ratings recently.  

Each week, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) inspects businesses across the country, assessing hygiene and safety, structural compliance and confidence in management.       

Across the UK, every food outlet including convenience stores, restaurants, hospitals and care homes are given a hygiene rating.        

What each hygiene rating means:   

0 - Urgent improvement necessary     

1 - Major improvement necessary      

2 - Some improvement necessary      

3 - Hygiene standards generally satisfactory        

4 - Hygiene standards good      

5 - Hygiene standards very good    

Here is a roundup of scores given by the FSA in recent weeks: 

Restaurants, cafes and canteens

The following ratings have been given to five restaurants, cafes or canteens:

• Rated 5: Rude Giant Beer House + Hop Garden at 29 Brown Street; Salisbury; rated on May 23

• Rated 5: The Orchard Gate at The Orchard, Bence Court, Archers Way, Amesbury; rated on May 16

• Rated 5: Costa Coffee at 55-57 Old George Mall, Salisbury; rated on May 13

• Rated 5: KFC at Mid Summer Place, Amesbury, Salisbury; rated on May 8

• Rated 5: Tesco Amesbury Customer Cafe at Tesco Superstore, London Road, Amesbury; rated on May 8

Pubs, bars and nightclubs

And two ratings have been handed to pubs, bars or nightclubs:

• Rated 5: The New Inn & Old House Restaurant at The New Inn, New Street, Salisbury; rated on May 22

• Rated 5: Caboose at South Western Road, Salisbury; rated on May 13


Plus one takeaway:

• Rated 5: Harlees Fish & Chips Ltd at 3 Bence Court, Archers Way, Amesbury; rated on May 16