A nearby hotel has come first in a TV hotel competition on Channel 4, beating the other three places.

The Vale Hotel in Cricklade was declared the winner on last Friday’s episode of Four in a Bed on May 31.

The managers of the four competing hotels took turns staying in each other’s establishments before saying how much they would pay for the stay.

The Vale Hotel’s then managers, Iain Cox and Tayla Barnes, received the lowest underpayment of 100 per cent of the actual bill, winning and receiving a plaque.

“Winner winner chicken dinner”, remarked Tayla. 

Iain said: “We’re really excited to have won - it’s been a great competition. We are confident in what we offer, and it still brought us out on top.”

Iain classed the hotel as a “budget” place with rooms costing £75.

Guests commented on the cleanliness of the rooms, and the amount of light coming in.

However, one couple, Nick and Tim, found some issues with the bathrooms, with dirt and some mould in the bathroom fittings.

Iain said the comment left him “a little bit deflated” as he prides himself on the hotel’s cleanliness. Tayla said: “I’m not sure what more they expect for £75.”

However, they impressed in all other areas, especially in their hosting with Karl and Rohini loving their “banter”.

Karl and Rohini overpaid by £5 with Rohini saying: “For that price there was so much on offer and so spotless, so really, really happy that we overpaid them. Well deserved.”

Unfortunately, they did not remain friends for long, with Iain and Rohini largely underpaying Karl and Rohini so much that it was “an insult”.

Karl continued: “I do not know what is required to please you guys because you have underpaid every single person.”

This led to some regrets and tears from Tayla, who said she did not want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

In the end, all was forgiven, with bottles of fizz popping and applause and congratulations all round.

This was the first time the show had featured hotels from across the country, rather than from a local area.

Since filming the series last year, Iain and Tayla are no longer managers, with hotel owners Mark and Helen Ingle returning to take charge.

The hotel features two restaurants Jicsaw Thai Restaurant and Jambo Grill, serving Thai and Kenyan food respectively.