A D-Day commemorative fly past took place across Salisbury from the Boscombe Down Aviation Collection (BDAC) in Old Sarum.

On Tuesday, June 4, at approximately 11.30am, three Auster aircraft took to the sky from Old Sarum and flew across Salisbury and the surrounding areas.

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The aircraft were: Auster 5 NJ633 (G- AKXP), Auster 1 LB352 (G-AHCR) and Auster 5 TW519 (G-ANHX).

Dave Berryman, director of operations at Boscombe Down Aviation Collection, said: "Today is really a D-Day commemoration and this place, 80 years ago, was heaving with RAF vehicles. 

Salisbury Journal: Two Auster aircraft after flying over Salisbury

"This is a one-off fly past for the 80th anniversary. It's important that we have aircraft like Austers that are still able to fly - and they are particularly relevant to us here at BDAC."

Old Sarum was home to RAF Old Sarum where over 21,000 RAF vehicles and 79,000 personnel passed through during 1944.

RAF Old Sarum was the RAF's main mechanised transport and ground personnel concentration centre for Operation Overlord.

Volunteer Tim Cornish added: "It's a homage to those in Old Sarum during the Second World War."