Year 10 students at The Wellington Academy got a taste of the professional world on May 8, attending mock job interviews organised by the school.

Lloyds Bank, Tesco, the army, and Aspire Defence were among those who dedicated their time to help learners understand the value of their skills in the workplace.

Each student had the opportunity to have a 10-minute one-on-one session with a representative from these organisations, using Skills Builder – a tool designed to help young people develop essential skills like leadership, effective communication, creativity and problem-solving.

This framework was embedded in the whole process to guide the students' interviews and reflection on their skills.

Students also had the chance to receive feedback on their CV.

These kind of initiatives are essential according to the school, as they help enlighten students about what the job market needs currently and in the future.

The Wellington Academy expressed pride in its students, who were praised by participating employers for their conduct and abilities.

The school expressed hope that such opportunities will continue to boost students' confidence and prepare them for their prosperous career journeys.