Tweedy The Clown will be coming to Salisbury this week. 

Giffords Circus star, Tweedy The Clown, announced his first headline tour, Tweedy’s Massive Circus.

The tour began in Stratford Upon Avon at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre grounds from May 24 to June 2.

Tweedy is performing at Bake Farm in Coombe Bissett from Thursday, June 6 until June 16. 

In a comically ironic twist, the self-professed 'massive' circus is housing in the 'shrunken' little big top.

Tweedy, who served Giffords for over 16 years, embarking on his personal venture, seeks to entertain with his own brand of clowning and multi-instrumental musical talents.

Tweedy said: “I can't wait to start touring Tweedy's Massive Circus in our tiny big top. A show where the clowns are in charge of everything! (For a change). What could possibly go wrong? A chaotic, circus, clown show of magic, mirth and mayhem.”

A BEM-awarded veteran, Tweedy was recognised for his contributions to the circus and local community in the King’s New Year Honours List.

Joining him on the adventure are Sam Goodburn, Reuben Greeph, and Loren O’Dair.