An up-and-coming singer from East Harnham has released her first song titled 'I don’t give a damn'.

Rosie Jay, 17, studies a level 3 diploma in music at Wiltshire College, but has been singing for her whole life. On Saturday, June 1, she released her first song.

She said: “I am pretty excited it’s the biggest thing in my career so far.

“The dream is to be a singer and songwriter, or studio artist. It has always been my dream to be a professional singer, I’ve been singing my whole life.”

Rosie Jay has released her first songRosie Jay has released her first song (Image: Lisa Spittle)

Rosie began writing the song, which was produced by Jolyon Dixion, during lockdown when she first began to play the guitar. She is now working on her next song – as well as creating a music video for “I don’t give a damn”.

She added: “I’ve had people say it helped them relax. The way I think of the song is, I was bullied and then I just thought the bullies didn’t really matter to me anymore.

Rosie Jay's first song is called I don't give a damnRosie Jay's first song is called I don't give a damn (Image: Lisa Spittle)

“It’s sort of a country, rock, folk song, and people have said it’s a catchy song. I’ve had great feedback from everyone, and I’m now working on another song which I’m recording soon.”

'I don’t give a damn' can be heard on all major streaming platforms including Spotify and Apple Music.