Dan Buettner has named the 'number one' snack we should be eating every day which could  increase our life expectancy by two years. 

The New York Times author, 63, recently took to Instagram urging people to eat the longevity snack since its increased consumption is linked to a 'reduced risk of major chronic diseases'. 

The National Geographic fellow and presenter of Netflix's How to Live to 100 is well known for his research into the world's "blue" zones where inhabitants regularly live well into their old age.

The Blue Zones founder has studied these populations extensively from their exercise routines and familial backgrounds to their community set-ups to diets.

The presenter regularly shares lifestyle tips based on his travels and research on his social media from drinking tea to doing more gardening.

Now, Buettner has urged people to 'go nuts for nuts' since research has linked them to a reduced risk of chronic illnesses including cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.

In fact, the researcher explained the increased consumption of nuts has also been linked with increasing life expectancy by almost two years. 

Addressing his followers on Instagram, Buettner said: "The number one snack when it comes to longevity, the one with the most evidence behind it, the one we see in most blue zones is nuts."

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The expert urged people to "forget the superfoods" and go buy themselves a pack of nuts instead.

"If there's a little salt on it, that's fine," Buettner assured but "raw's a little bit better," he added.

Nuts should be "your go-to snack", the author continued.

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Buettner went on to say that it usually takes a handful or two to satisfy a person.

"We know that people who eat a handful of nuts a day live two years longer than people who don't and if you want an extra bump, eat walnuts," he explained.

The author continued: "People who are eating between 15 and 30 walnuts a day live about three years longer than people who don't.

"So grab those nuts and we'll see you when you're 100!"