On Saturday, June 15, my husband and I attended a garden fete held in one of the gardens in Cathedral Close in aid of The John McNeill Opportunity Centre for special needs children.

I have a blue badge as I have mobility issues. We were surprised that despite this we had to pay £10 for a blue badge bay far from where the fete was being held. Of course we paid but my thoughts were with any of the families who through their children's needs might have had blue badges.

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The financial situation for some families is hard enough without these horrendous parking charges.

The Close, SalisburyThe Close, Salisbury

Salisbury is no longer the city it was with road closures, shop closures and high parking fees. I realise the upkeep of the Cathedral is financially enormous but such fees for car parking even for blue badge holders and then to pay to visit the Cathedral appears unrealistic especially for families.

Many cannot afford it.

Mrs D E G Broadway

Sixpenny Handley  

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