I was pleased to read your front page (and page three, June 13) the article entitled' Work starts on £6m train station revamp.'

This is very much needed and with the inclusion of a bus interchange will benefit both residents of, and visitors to, Salisbury.

It will be monies well spent.

Read more: Salisbury Railway Station: Work begins to revamp forecourt

Salisbury Railway StationSalisbury Railway Station (Image: Newsquest)

What I would also like to see is the cancellation of the now nearly £3 Billion Stonehenge Tunnel scheme and the monies spent on improving the line to the West Country.

We should be prioritising public transport. A better rail link to the South West would save more time for more people and encourage train travel, whereas, the tunnel scheme would save only a few minutes at peak times on the A303, increasing traffic on the road, only to be held up five miles west at Chicklade hill.

Peter Matthews


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