So, almost 10k in parking fines were collected by SDH in a year. Let me take a personal look at those statistics.

As one who has not paid to park at SDH at least five times in the year and not been fined yet, I have an interest.

We have had cause to park there. I am 85 with prostrate problems, my wife is 83 and in there for a recent fortnight with a fractured femur.

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We have been there a lot and buses are impossible and taxis that can take wheelchairs often unavailable.

I dread the whole car parking scenario there and in particular the paying for it. With much practise and experience I still find I have issues with those machines when I come to pay.

I am not ga-ga but the machine is determined to make me feel so.

It says to itself 'Here comes that old idiot. I'll make a fool of him. Make him hold up the whole lot waiting behind him. Let him know he is old, deaf, blind, clumsy fingered, utterly stupid and never will remember his registration number or where the bit of paper with it on is.'

I find my hospital visits intensely stressful without extra hassle from parking machines. Defeated. exasperated, and humiliated, five times I have left without paying. I tried.

So far those damn robots have not caught up with me which is the only good thing I can say about them.

Tom Ridout

Victoria Road, Salisbury

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