Greenpeace volunteers campaigned by the library to spread the word about Greenpeace’s UK-wide campaign Project Climate Vote.

Project Climate Vote aims to recruit one million climate voters before the general election, to pressure all political parties to commit to bolder action on climate change. 

Climate voters pledge to show visible support for climate policies and vote with the planet in mind.

On June 8, Salisbury volunteers had conversations with residents about their concerns about the climate crisis.

(Image: NQ)

As climate voters, locals were asked to put a poster in their window and to voice their concerns about the climate crisis should local candidates come to their door in the run-up to the election. 

Charlie, a volunteer from Salisbury said: “The climate crisis is a key concern for the majority of people, but its not jetting the profile it deserves in the election. 

"People want bolder action from politicians whatever their party.  It’s encouraging that so many people want to sign up.”

 The group will be out canvassing up until the general election on July 4.

Alice, a volunteer from Amesbury said: “Project Climate Vote is a very exciting and crucial campaign aiming to hold politicians to account on delivering the action that we need in order to ensure a liveable future.

This May was the hottest May globally since records began.  The climate crisis is already happening up and down the country. People can see it with their own eyes and are playing their part to mitigate their own impact on the environment. What we need now are our leaders to step up to the plate.”

Anyone is welcome to join a canvassing team, regardless of if they have any past experience with Greenpeace.

People can sign up to be a Climate Voters and order their posters on the Greenpeace website, and join the campaigning team if they want.