A school in Tidworth, which recently announced the closure of its boarding house for Easter 2025, has delivered a surprise blow to boarders and their families with a rushed move-out date.

As previously reported, The Wellington Academy has announced that it has decided to close its boarding house because it was 'no longer financially viable'.

In an email seen by the Journal, the school informed boarders that the boarding house will now close by the end of July 2024, citing unforeseen project work requiring the space sooner.

The boarders now face early eviction because of the change in plans.

Headteacher Rob Wood had previously told current boarders that they would be able to complete the academic year at the boarding house.

The Wellington AcademyThe Wellington Academy

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The school and the house are run by Ascend Learning Trust.

In the latest email, the Trust's secondary education director Rich Corry said that the school is considering various options including placement with local families, the cost he anticipates will be the same as the boarding house fee that the pupils currently pay. 

"Due to the nature and scope of the project work will now begin earlier than anticipated," he said in the email.

"As a result the boarding house will not be available as residential accommodation from the end of July 2024.

He also said the school would be writing to all parents at The Wellington Academy on Monday to ask if they are willing to be a host for a boarder.

The boarding house, with a capacity of 100 students, has been experiencing low occupancy rates for several years and currently houses fewer than 40 students.

Headteacher Mr Wood previously said the closure was not a reflection on the quality of the boarding provision, which has consistently received positive Ofsted ratings.

Wiltshire Council, meanwhile, has said a proposed alternative educational use is being explored for the residential block.

A spokesperson for Ascend Learning Trust said it has not asked local families to host and it was simply just one option that was being considered.