DO we really need this?

I'm referring to the proposed development of 47 retirement apartments on the derelict land in Fisherton Street.

The land squandered by Wiltshire Council’s absurd plan to relocate the library prior to securing sufficient funding in the first place.

Yes, it is a brownfield site, but do we need more housing for the older generation when the country is crying out for affordable homes for first time buyers. And does Salisbury need any more retail units when we are unable to fill existing ones?

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Online shopping has decimated high street retail and there is nothing on the horizon that looks to change this. Furthermore, the young would also generate income for the high street and bring vibrancy to the city centre.

This is an ideal opportunity to create an architectural gem in the city centre with one and two-bedroom apartments for the younger generation. To ensure that this is targeted to first time buyers only, a means test for prospective buyers could be adopted.

An artist's impression of the proposed retirement flats.An artist's impression of the proposed retirement flats. (Image: Churchill Retirement Living)

Now, I hear you say, why would a developer even consider this type of social housing when thy can cram single-bedroom apartments with barely any car parking spaces onto this plot, generating obscene amounts of profit?

Well, it is the local planning authority at Wiltshire Council that have a role to play here. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if for once, they looked outside the box and created something that benefitted the young but was ground-breaking as well?

Chris Marshall

Bouverie Avenue,


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