Jools Holland and his band have contributed art and poetry to a new book by a New Forest woman.

Ann Blake, of Godshill, met Jools and his band backstage at The Anvil in Basingstoke, where they performed on Sunday, June 16.

Her book, A Legacy of Love, compiles poetry and artwork by several authors, including Jools himself, as well as artists from across Hampshire including more than 20 from the New Forest.

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The idea behind the book is to raise awareness for two charities - Muscular Dystrophy UK and Dog Aid UK. At the concert, Ann's assistance dog was delighted to meet all the band members. 

Jools and his drummer, Gilson Lavis, signed 10 copies of the book, which Ann intends to auction off to raise more money for charity. Jools also asked Ann to sign a copy for him.

Ann met Jools and his band backstage at The Anvil in BasingstokeAnn met Jools and his band backstage at The Anvil in Basingstoke (Image: Ann Black)

Ann visited an art class at Greenfield Farm in Fordingbridge to meet some of the artists whose work had been contributed to the book, with Ann saying it was 'a real privilege to see them open the book to their page and watch their expression of joy.'

A Legacy of Love is available to be bought at The Fordingbridgfe Bookshop and the Woodgrun Community shop, with Ann adding both had been extremely supportive in promoting the book.

Overall the book includes 53 pieces of artwork, plus submissions from as far afield as Canada, America and Australia. 

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Ann said: “I had a dream about doing a book full of beautiful artwork and inspiring words. I wanted it to be left on people's coffee tables and to be picked up on days when life doesn’t feel so good.

“I've collected over 50 original artwork pieces from around the world, including many celebrities who include Jools Holland, Gilson Lavis - his drummer, Karen Attenborough and Nic Fiddian Green.

"The book has beautiful words which have come together as an inspirational book to raise money to help find a cure for muscular dystrophy and help disabled people access training for service dogs which are life changing."

Muscular dystrophy is the general term for "a group of inherited genetic conditions that gradually cause the muscles to weaken, leading to an increasing level of disability", according to the NHS website.

For more details and to donate, visit To buy the book go to