A DESTINATION cinema has celebrated a year of success in Salisbury as it looks forward to a "strong" summer.

Everyman opened on Endless Street last June and venue manager Phil Bendall, 48, was keen to reflect on what has worked well for the cinema and the lessons he has learned.

Just as staff were settling in and finding their feet, three weeks after Everyman opened, they were bombarded with the busiest few weeks in cinema history.

Mr Bendall said: "I think we got a bit of a shellshock with Barbie and Oppenheimer.

"We weren't able to offer the service we would have hoped but since that we have found our way."

But this steep learning curve didn't dissuade staff as 90 per cent of those who joined at the beginning are still employed today, according to Mr Bendall.

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Everyman Salisbury then enjoyed a busy Christmas period with the likes of Wonka, Ferrari and Napoleon attracting audiences from far and wide.

Everyman cinema's opening night on June 1, 2023.Everyman cinema's opening night on June 1, 2023. (Image: Spencer Mulholland)

Now that the cinema's core trade has stabilised, Mr Bendall is looking forward to the second half of the year as several promising titles are set to hit the box office.

Deadpool and Wolverine, Paddington in Peru, Wicked, Mufasa: The Lion King and Alien: Romulus are just a few of the films Mr Bendall is particularly excited about.

The cinema measures its success based on customer feedback as it "can't make people come and watch films if they don't want to" but Mr Bendall said he can ensure people have a great time when they do come.

Phil Bendall inside Everyman Salisbury.Phil Bendall inside Everyman Salisbury. (Image: Newsquest)

"Generally speaking, once people have come for their film we will be their destination of choice," he said.

"We offer something different with the 'at your seat service', we have a full restaurant and bar offering and our staff are incredible. It's just that little bit of luxury."

ODEON is the only other cinema in Salisbury but Mr Bendall said there's room for both venues as Everyman has taken people away from destination cinemas in Southampton and Basingstoke.

"We know if the films are there people are coming. We know what's coming next year and we know it's looking really strong," added Mr Bendall.