A third person has been arrested in connection with the orange paint incident at Stonehenge last week.

At around 11am on Wednesday, June 19, two supporters of the protest group Just Stop Oil ran across to the monument and sprayed the stones.

A third person has been arrested in connection with the incident, after two other people, a man in his 70s and a woman in her 20s, were previously arrested. They remain on bail while investigations continue.

Protest group Just Stop Oil took responsibility for the incident which occurred just one day before the summer solstice. 

(Image: Just Stop Oil)

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A man in his 30s from Essex was arrested on Thursday, June 26 on suspicion of the following:

1) Aiding and abetting Section 1 Criminal Damage Act 1971;

2) Aiding and abetting Section 19 (unauthorised entry) and Section 28 (damage) Ancient Monument and Archaeological Areas Act 1979;

3) Aiding and abetting Section 68 (aggravated trespass) Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994;

The arrested has been released on bail.

A spokesperson from Wiltshire Police said: "We are continuing to work with English Heritage and partners to progress our enquiries."