These are the final words from our election candidates before we all head to the polls. 

Whoever wins in Salisbury will be representing a new constituency, after boundary changes were approved last year. 

At the Journal we asked each of Salisbury's election candidates some questions in the lead-up to the general election on July 4.

Read them below:

We have asked each candidate for 100 words, explaining why you should for them today. See what they had to say below: 

John Glen - Conservative 

John GlenJohn Glen (Image: Spencer Mulholland)

I take the privilege of public service incredibly seriously.

I build positive relationships and work constructively to get the best outcomes for Salisbury and the country.

I know how to get things done in Westminster, and how to bring investment in Salisbury - like the River Park to reduce flood risk in the city centre, major improvements to Wiltshire College and many more.

I have won the respect of colleagues from all parties and developed friendships across the aisle. I have built up  reserves of credibility in Westminster that will enable me to continue to be a strong voice for Salisbury.

I know what makes this constituency tick. My friends are here, my home. I am committed to Salisbury for life.

Chris Harwood - The Climate Party

Chris HarwoodChris Harwood (Image: Newsquest)

Climate change is the most important issue facing us. Other parties are not prioritising it in the way that the Climate Party is doing. The Climate Party's ambitious policy of putting UK Net Zero 2030 into law will encourage massive investment and the enormous amount to be done to achieve it will create a large number of jobs. Jobs plus investment equals wealth. With that wealth, we can tackle all the other problems that we face. The problem at the moment is that we are not a rich country. Once we become wealthier, we can stop paying £8Bpa interest on the National Debt which will give us even more.

Julian Malins - Reform UK

Julian MalinsJulian Malins (Image: Julian Malins KC) In this election, voters who cherish our British values, culture, and religion and history do have a choice between a party which pays lip service to those things but which has failed to uphold them and a party, Reform U.K. which will not merely uphold them but promote them.  If we continue as we are, then we are facing the Britain we know and love descending into a failed state.

Barney Norris - Green Party

Ben NorrisBarney Norris (Image: Newsquest) The Green Party will form the conscience of the next parliament and continue to generate the best ideas to transform this country and place us at the forefront of the Green Industrial Revolution. We are driven by passion, by the science, and a love of where we’re from. When my novel about Salisbury sold 100,000 copies, I showed you how I can champion our city to the world. When I won the International Theatre Institute’s Award for Excellence, and became one of the youngest Fellows of the Royal Society of Literature, I showed you I can be among the best in the world at what I choose to give my time to. Now I want to give my time to this city that saved me when I faced hard times.

Matt Aldridge - Labour 

Matt Aldridge Matt Aldridge (Image: Contributed)

Salisbury deserves change. We also need a seat at the table in a Labour government, so that change suits our community, values and heritage. As an Army veteran, clean energy expert and a local lad, I have the integrity to do right by Salisbury and the experience to get things done. I’ve run a positive campaign that isn’t built on blaming or attacking, and I would bring that same positive energy, teamwork and verifiable data to the job. So while I am ahead in the polls and have been named Salisbury’s tactical vote, I am also the positive vote. 

Victoria Charleston - Liberal Democrats

Victoria Charleston Victoria Charleston (Image: Newsquest) Salisbury deserves to have a progressive MP who lives in the constituency and is fully invested in serving our local community. As a Salisbury City Councillor and having canvassed more than 2,000 residents in June alone, I’ve heard what matters most to you: the cost of living crisis; the NHS and social care; housing; Fisherton Street and City Hall; sewage in our rivers; and the terrible state of our roads. You have given me your priorities to tackle. I will continue listening so I can best represent you, and I will always put our community before party politics in Westminster.

Arthur Pendragon - Independant 

Arthur Pendragon Arthur Pendragon The Three main Parties can argue over who's beat to lead the Country but I cann say with one hundred percent conviction that I as an Independent would make the best opposition, They all have some good ideas and they all have some absolutely terrible and unrealistic ones as well. The electorate can not 'Pic and Mix' but I can, because only an Independent , free of the party whip may support a good idea and oppose a bad one whichever side of the house it comes from, and only an Independent can truly represent the people who elect them