Primary school children have created new friends and family for Salisbury Museums beloved Giant.

On Friday, July 12 students from local schools will meet at the museum to introduce the giant exhibit to a number of 'friends and family', created by primary school children around Salisbury.

As part of The National Lottery Past Forward project, the museum has been working with local schools on creative learning projects.

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Children and teachers have fed into Salisbury Museum's new local and natural history learning offer and to celebrate the opening of the Devenish Bradshaw History of Salisbury galleries, the museum said it 'wanted to do a special project.'

Woodlands, St Martins and Woodford Valley primaries developed characters with museum staff, thinking about who would make the Giant happy, what were their personalities and backstories and how they came to Salisbury.

The characters have since been built in an art workshop, and are now ready to be introduced to the public.

The three new friends and family members made for the giant are: 

  • Woodford Valley created an amazing Kraken friend that lives in the waterways called Fearless
  • Woodlands created a beautiful wife for the Giant called Lily, who has a pet cat called Tom that lives in her crown
  • St Martins created a pet for the Giant – an amazing hybrid creature with a robot body, bunny ears, rainbow wings and fabulous fashion, called Jack

On Friday, July 12 the children from the school will bring their characters to the museum to be introduced to the Giant.

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They will have a chance to have a sneak VIP preview of our new galleries, as well as taking part in creative activities and creating a new ceremony to introduce their creations.

A spokesperson for Salisbury Museum said: "We hope that this is just the start of this project. We want schools to continue making new friends for the Giant with us, so his family grows over time, with them being part of it.

"Our children and the next chapter of our city, the city that the Giant belongs to, and we want to celebrate this!"