In his recent letter Mr Christopher Piggins is concerned that the Salisbury constituency might reject John Glen as their MP.

He points out that this would be a mistake as Mr Glen is friendly, approachable and answers his letters promptly.

However, I would expect any MP to behave in just the same manner, especially as his constituents are paying his generous salary via their tax bills.

What he fails to grasp is that the upcoming general election is not just a local matter but a mandate to elect a part to govern the UK for the next five years. When he puts his X on the ballot paper he will be supporting not just Mr Glen but a Conservative party that has already been in power for 14 years.

I suspect that he is a long time Conservative supporter and I respect him for that, but he should consider carefully whether a change in Government would be beneficial for the country.

John Higgins

Randall's Croft Road, Wilton

Salisbury's election candidates are:

- Matt Aldridge: Labour Party

- Victoria Charleston: Liberal Democrat

- John Glen: Conservative

- Chris Harwood: Climate Party

- Julian Malins: Reform UK

- Barney Norris: Green Party

- King Arthur Pendragon: Independent

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