The candidates standing for election in East Wiltshire have answered our final questions. 

On Thursday, July 4, people across the county will head to the polls to elect a new MP. 

With the new boundaries, the majority of East Wiltshire is formed by the old constituency of Devizes, which has been represented by Conservative MP Danny Kruger since 2019.

Residents living in East Wiltshire can vote for:

  • Pete Force-Jones: True & Fair Party
  • Emily Herbert: Green Party
  • David Kinnaird: Liberal Democrat
  • Danny Kruger: Conservative
  • Rob Newman: Labour Party
  • Stephen Talbot: Reform UK

We asked them all to submit 100 words explaining why they deserve your votes. This is what they said. 

Rob Newman - Labour

Rob NewmanRob Newman (Image: Contributed) We have an opportunity to make a historic change. National polls show that it’s neck-and-neck between Labour and the Tories in East Wiltshire.

My priorities include campaigning for the GPs, dentists and pharmacies we need; better local transport; supporting Forces families; backing farmers and local businesses; and protecting and restoring our environment, not least the Kennet.

My commitment is to be an MP for everyone. I’ll do politics differently, involving you with an annual voter conference, a village tour, and advisory councils.

Let’s not have an Opposition MP. Let’s have a strong voice for our area in the next Government.

Stephen Talbot - Reform UK

Stephen Talbot Stephen Talbot (Image: Contributed)

After 25 years of the three traditional parties governing from different mandates but delivering the same policies it's time for real change.  Our defence capabilities have been weakened and our energy security destroyed. An open-door immigration policy has been pursued, to the detriment of British workers, and anti-small business policies have been implemented, strangling innovation.  None of these policies were voted for but together they have broken Britain and put it on the verge of bankruptcy.  Democratic accountability needs to be restored to those who you elect, not outsourced, and that will only happen through wholesale Reform.

Danny Kruger - Conservative

Danny KrugerDanny Kruger

Most people I have spoken to during the course of this campaign recognise in Rishi Sunak an intelligent and honourable man - and they see the danger of giving Keir Starmer a huge majority in which the only opposition is Labour’s own left wing.

I stand for strong families, strong communities and a strong nation, and I fear a Labour or Lib Dem MP in East Wiltshire would weaken our economy, our borders and our national defence, and dismantle protections against overdevelopment in the countryside. If you do not want a Labour MP, the only option is to vote Conservative. 

Pete Force-Jones, Emily Herbert and David Kinnaird were all contacted to answer the final five questions.