A bench placed in memory of a "loving, caring and very intelligent" woman has been stolen.

Two weeks ago, Martyn Davies, 54, paid one of many frequent visits to St Michael’s Wood burial ground in Cholderton, a place where he could reflect on his late wife, Andrea Jane Davies, who sadly lost her battle to breast cancer in 2022.

Martyn and Andrea got married in 1991. He described her: "Andrea was loving, caring and very intelligent, very much family focused and doted on her children and grandkids.

She followed me throughout my whole Army career and moved around with me on my various posting, in Germany Cyprus and the UK.

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"She was beautiful inside and outside - a real stunner and head turner."

Martyn and AndreaMartyn and Andrea (Image: Martyn Davies)

With his family, Martyn had placed a bench engraved with Andrea’s name near the plot. To Martyn’s shock, he found it to have been stolen.

Martyn, who lives in Durrington, said: “It was the bench that she used to sit on in the garden at home. We thought it was a bit of a fitting tribute.

“There was a plaque on it as well - a brass plaque in her name. The person would know it was there for a purpose but did not have a care in the world.”

Family, including Martyn and Andrea’s two children aged 31 and 32, and grandchildren, aged two and four, would use the bench to sit and reflect on her life.

Their grandchildren on the benchTheir grandchildren on the bench (Image: Martyn Davies)

Martyn stated that, while he had not gained permission to place the bench near the plot, the land owner confirmed that “if they were to remove it, they would have told us”.

He added that the bench was “fairly heavy” and was sure it would’ve taken more than one person to move it.

Martyn said: “If anybody knows where it is – just bring it back and no more will be said.

“We’re absolutely gutted. It’s sentimental as it was the bench she used to sit on at home she was back from chemotherapy.”