A secondary school in Salisbury ran a general election of their own to engage students in the democratic process.

Students at South Wilts Grammar School (SWGS) were offered the opportunity to engage in the democratic process during the UK General Election, with SWGS running its own mock election on Thursday, July 4.

This comes after former prime minister Rishi Sunak announced on May 22 that a general election was to be held on July 4. After a day of polling, Labour leader Keir Starmer has been announced as prime minister.

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Volunteers from all key stages took part in a hustings event involving students representing the different political parties, and independent candidates, in the Salisbury constituency. Each candidate was given five minutes to outline their key policies in a bid to become "Salisbury’s next MP".

SWGS mock electionSWGS mock election (Image: SWGS)

A spokesperson from SWGS said: "Throughout the SWGS mock election, the aim has been to encourage students to navigate the general election and learn about the politics of the UK. It has provided a unique opportunity to engage students in the democratic process and foster an active participation."

Some "excellent" questions were said to have been put forward by the audience, pressing for clarification and inquiring how a manifesto point would work based on other points made about the economy, immigration and education.

A mock polling stationA mock polling station (Image: SWGS)

On the day of the real, and mock, election - July 4 - over 400 students went to the “SWGS Polling Station” and voted.

Volunteers checked names as students entered to help prevent election fraud, ballot papers represented those at polling stations up and down the country, and votes were deposited into a ballot box.

An exit poll took place with early indications shared in the school community in the afternoon. Year 10 and Year 12 students counted all votes multiple times before confirming the final count. 

A “breaking news bulletin” is to be made announcing the winner.