A WILTSHIRE author has released a science-fiction novel where war is televised for public entertainment. 

Jac Forsyth is a speculative fiction writer based in Melksham and an advocate for gender diversity and representation within sci-fi.

Packed full of ambiguous names and absent pronouns, Ørma delivers a diverse and breathtakingly ordinary cast of humans into a world of mass information and chronic uncertainty. 

The book is due to be published on Sunday, July 28. For more information click here.

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Jac ForsythJac Forsyth's debut Ørma is set in a near future where war is televised for public entertainment (Image: Contributed)

Jac said: Ørma is a soft sci-fi set in the near future, so less about spaceships and more about humans. It’s military as in there’s a war and some of the characters are soldiers, but it’s also about D&D, reality TV and self-aware furniture.

"Anyone turning up for hard sci-fi will be wildly disappointed at the lack of subspace physics. I’m more interested in what stays the same than in what changes. I’m also daringly hopeful for the future and hold firmly to the belief that if a species can survive disco fever, it can pretty much survive anything.