Netflix has axed its cheapest ad-free plan for all subscribers. 

This means those wanting to watch shows on the popular streaming service without ads will now have to pay an extra £3 per month (£36 a year).

The streaming giant scrapped its basic plan for new and re-joining customers in July 2023 and has revealed it is discontinuing the subscription.

In April 2024 Netflix began moving those already on the basic subscription over to its 'standard with adverts' plan (£4.99 per month).

The process of moving all subscribers over is still ongoing and will be different for each person, according to Money Saving Expert (MSE) - which was founded by Martin Lewis.

Netflix subscribers to pay extra £36 a year for cheapest ad-free plan

Netflix axing its basic plan means those wanting to watch shows ad-free will now have to pay an extra £3 per month (£36 a year).

The basic plan used to cost subscribers £7.99 a month, whereas the 'Standard' option (which is now the cheapest ad-free) costs £10.99 per month.

MSE advises subscribers to wait until Netflix switches them to the 'standard with adverts' plan before making any changes to "make the most of the lower subscription price".

If you don't mind watching shows with ads you can use the 'standard with adverts' plan.

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This plan is cheaper than the basic subscription - £4.99 per month compared to £7.99 so you'll be saving yourself £3 a month.

MSE adds: "BUT you'll now see ads before and during selected TV shows and films.

"Netflix says you can expect to see "a few short ads per hour," though it aims to place them during natural plot breaks.

"You may also no longer be able to access some TV shows and films."

The financial experts also recommended splitting a 'Premium' plan if you are sharing an account with a friend, or family member to help save money.


MSE said: "With standard, you can watch on two screens at once. So, getting one subscription and splitting the cost means you'll both only pay £5.50 a month.

"If you live with two or three others who use Netflix, you can save even more by splitting the 'Premium' plan. 

"This is £17.99 a month, so you'd pay £6 a month or £4.50 a month each. You'll be able to watch in ultra HD, too."