THE UFOs seen in the skies above Salisbury at the weekend have been revealed as Chinese sky lanterns, set off by partygoers celebrating a double birthday.

Mysterious red lights floating across the night sky on Saturday gave residents a shock and prompted to some to call the police and speculate on military activities in the area.

It wasn't until today, after the sightings prompted wide debate, that it finally emerged the lights were Chinese sky lanterns released by Rebecca Lever and her friend Terri Riddell, who were celebrating their birthdays with a joint party in Bemerton Heath.

Rebecca, 24, said: "It was Terri's 21st so we wanted to do something a bit special, so we went online and found these lanterns.

"We did joke before we set them off that people might think they were UFOs and then the next morning Terri's dad called and said people actually did and it was all on the radio!"

  • For the full story see the September 25 edition of the Salisbury Journal.