RESIDENTS of Wain-A-Long Road in Salisbury are upset about plans to put a mobile phone mast outside their homes.

Orange wants to put up the 38ft mast on the verge close to the St Mark’s roundabout.

It has already had applications turned down for sites in Campbell Road and Castle Hill and says a mast is essential to its network coverage of the north eastern part of the city.

But objectors to the plan have complained to council planners that it will be “a monstrosity” which will devalue their homes.

They also say it will be an eyesore for visitors travelling into the city.

Local councillors also have their doubts. Three of them – Paul Sample, Bobbie Chettleburgh and John English – have voiced concern about its effect on the local residential and business community.

Mr Sample said: “I know that many residents living in Manor Road, Stroud Place, Wain-A-Long Road and Bourne Avenue will be concerned about this mast application, and will want to make their views known.

“I think the jury is out on whether these phone masts pose a threat to human health or not.

“Many of us use mobile phones, but I don't think anyone wants a mast in their back garden.

“I'd be pleased to hear from local residents about this application, and I'll be happy to pass their views on to the relevant committee in due course.”