A MAN who changed his name to avoid paying child support has been fined £700 at Salisbury Magistrates’ Court.

Roebyn Tusk, 56, of Donhead St Andrew, was found guilty in his absence on Monday for failing to supply information to the Child Support Agency (CSA).

The CSA made several attempts to contact Tusk, who had changed his name from Robert Kerr to avoid paying child support for his three children.

The court heard from Wendy Mark, a compliance inspector who said Tusk has been evasive and denied having ever changed his name or having any children.

She contacted the DVLA, who confirmed that a man at the address they had for him had applied for a change of name on his driving licence from Robert Kerr to Roebyn Tusk.

She also obtained a copy of his marriage licence to his second wife, which showed his name as Roebyn Tusk but had his father as Kerr.

The magistrates found him guilty of failing to supply information to the CSA and ordered him to pay a fine of £700 and £515 costs.