A LOCAL MP is pushing for improvements to be made to the mainline train service west of Salisbury where commuters regularly face delays outside Tisbury.

West Wiltshire MP Andrew Murrison has written to transport minister Lord Adonis to press for improvements to the Exeter to London via Salisbury line.

Scheduled delays outside Tisbury constantly lengthen the journey times for people using the line.

Dr Murrison said: “With a number of my constituents I’ve clocked up hours waiting outside Tisbury. It’s surely time to look at further timetable redesign now and third-rail electrification in the longer term.”

Network Rail’s south west main line route utilisation strategy, which was published in March 2006, offers little prospect of improvement until at least 2016. Its electrification route utilisation strategy, published in October 2009, holds out the possibility of eventual electrification west of Salisbury as part of a broader national strategy.

Mr Murrison said: “There has been good work further down the line where a passing loop has been laid at Axminster but we shouldn’t have to wait until 2016 for the prospect of definitive improvements.”

The MP is in touch with consumer group Passenger Focus and plans to meet South West Trains before any meeting with Lord Adonis.