YEAR 3 and gardening club pupils from Leehurst Swan School visited Lake House Farm in the Woodford Valley on Friday.

They were shown round the farm by farmer Paul Dovey and his wife Tracey, the education officer at Lake House Farm.

They learned about the concept of renewable energy and sustainability and were shown how to use the composting toilet and solar powered energy, hand washing facility.

The pupils were shown a wildflower meadow covered with cowslips that in the summer would be cut for hay to feed the animals.

They were introduced to Ben, the Gardener and he showed them how the farm waste is collected and made into compost to be used to grow vegetables, fruit and flowers.

In the Kitchen Garden they were told about crop rotation and organic methods for growing, fruit and vegetables.

They were also given an organic lunch of apple juice, milk, and water, sausages, rolls, cheese, apples and cakes all provided by Lake House Estate.