IS Jamie Powell the coolest window cleaner around? Well, he certainly was on Tuesday.

Despite the freezing weather he stripped to his boxers the polish the panes at the Journal offices and publicise his charity fundraising drive.

Jamie, 40, who lives in Tisbury, will be braving the elements in his underwear as he goes on his rural rounds in the run-up to Christmas, and hoping that customers will feel moved to pay him a little extra to support the Prostate Cancer Charity.

The father of three said: “It’s a good charity. I chose it because my godfather, a good friend of my dad’s, is battling prostate cancer. Luckily he’s doing OK.”

And how will he cope with the chill winds atop his ladder?

“It makes absolutely no odds to me,” he said bravely, if perhaps rashly. “I’ll just keep moving and hope that somebody will make me a nice hot cup of tea.”