HAMPSHIRE residents are being asked to let the county council know what they think of their mobile library service by Monday, December 6.

As part of the restructure of Hampshire Library and Information Service the mobile libraries are being reviewed.

Over the last five years visits to the mobile library service have declined by more than 23 per cent, says the council.

There are several changes to the mobile library service under consideration which are:

* Mobile libraries would no longer stop in places less than two miles, by road, from a library. Resources would be focused on priorities such as isolated rural areas and sheltered accommodation.

* Where there is demand, the mobile service could change its stop times to run into late afternoons and in some places Saturdays, to reach young people and working families.

* There should only be one stop per community. This means existing stops would be combined and could result in one longer visit. In some communities there may not be any stops.

* The mobile service would aim to stop at times that coincide with an existing local activity such as coffee mornings or lunch clubs.

* For customers unable to reach revised mobile stops due to mobility issues, the Home Library Service would seek to use trained volunteers to deliver books and audio books direct to their homes.

To comment on the proposed changes to the mobile library service email library customercomments@hants.gov.uk. To check where the mobile libraries currently visit, go to: www.hants.gov.uk/library/mobile-libraries.