WALKERS clad in Stone Age costumes attracted plenty of modern-day interest as they made their way from Avebury to the Ancient Technology Centre in Dorset.

The fur-wearing wanderers were recreating a Walk of the Ancients which took them via Stonehenge, Old Sarum and the city centre.

On the way they visited St Michael’s School in Figheldean and met children and parents at Larkhill to answer questions about Stone Age life.

The group was given access to the stone circle at Stonehenge for sunset and they also handed out leaflets about the Ancient Technology Centre, which runs educational sessions about life in the past.

Spurred on by the success of the three-day expedition, the group now hopes to do walks in Iron Age, Roman, Saxon and Viking clothing.

“We caused a bit of a stir as we walked through south Wiltshire,” said Anthony Brown, who took part. “The walk was a great success, the Stone Age clothing was well and truly tested and our feet were only made sore by the modern road surfaces.”