A HUGE fundraising and community effort has resulted in a new library that’s set to benefit children for years to come.

The Robertson-Corley Library at Wyndham Park Infant School was officially opened yesterday and pupils came to lessons dressed as their favourite book character and paraded around the new facility, cheered on by staff and parents.

Headteacher Ali Smith said: “It is just fantastic. We have 3,000 infant reading books, fiction and non-fiction, all facing forwards rather than having them spine-first, furniture we designed ourselves and a great space for music lessons.”

The £180,000 new library and music wing will be used by youngsters at the neighbouring schools of St Mark’s and Exeter House as well as Wyndham Park and a joint fundraising effort by Wyndham and St Mark’s has allowed a new path suitable for wheelchair use to be put in so that disabled pupils from Exeter House can access it.

The PTA at Wyndham Park raised £5,000 for the new wing, school fundraising totalled £10,000 and the local churches of St Mark’s, St Francis, St Paul’s, City Gate and Bishopdown Baptist got together £1,000 for new religious education books.

The idea for the library, an octagonal building designed by architect Paul Stevens, was thought up by teachers Annette Corley and Cilla Robertson three years ago.

And yesterday Mrs Robertson, who retired in July, came back to help her former colleague declare the building open.

Today, it's straight on with using it as children hold a sponsored read and welcome visitors from St Mark’s.